Searching for the perfect way to break up your week on hump day?


How about with some scotch and caviar?


We’ll be pouring and plating delicious scotch and caviar pairings from 7-9 PM on October 18, so be sure to save your seat for this spectacular mixer.


Why scotch, you say?


Scotch is a perfect, yet often overlooked, match for certain types of caviar. American Hackleback and Dewar’s scotch are the stars of our show for the evening, and there has never been a more perfect pair. The buttery sweetness of the Hackleback has a nutty finish that matches perfectly with the smokiness of the scotch.


We’ll also be serving up some perfect appetizers to please your palate. Treat your taste buds with our scallops with risotto, Rockefeller oysters, and of course, our famous salmon pizza (which has even more caviar on top!)


Meet our Stars

American Hackleback

The roe from this Mississippi River fish is small and firm, with a taste reminiscent of the wild sturgeon. The layers of buttery, nutty, and sweet flavor, paired with the hints of gold and green throughout this dark caviar make it quite popular.


Dewar’s Scotch

Dewar’s is a tried and true brand, boasting a founding date of over 150 years ago, and is a blend of 40 of Scotland’s finest grain and single malt whiskeys. The taste is often described as having notes of vanilla, smoke, heather honey, and oak.


For a fun experience, experiment with tasting the whiskey first, then tasting the caviar. The caviar will add a layer of nutty sweetness on top of the smoky flavor left by the whiskey.


Tickets for this exclusive event are $35 per person. Save your seat before we sell out by calling 702.632.7407!